I have always been fascinated with the moments of life from my childhood. Growing up I used get attached to these pages of life  so much that it was not only  hard to let go but also to believe that those moments would soon become my past. Moments...like.. when my mom first held me or my dad first taught me to drive or the puppy I played that evening or even as I listened to my mom's childhood stories always wished she had some pictures to go along with the narration...

Camera always intrigued me and gave me the opportunity to capture all those moments into everlasting memories, but growing up camera was a luxury to own and most of my childhood moments are pictures that exist only in my memories and only I can relive them. Thankfully the technology over years has grown so much that even my 2 year old son takes pictures with an iPhone and I have loads of stories to show him instead of just narrating to him.

I have been taking thousands of pictures of Family & Friends and always felt bliss to see the smile on their face. Everyone in the world has a purpose but it is hard to find and accept it. I believe mine is to spread smiles and happiness around me and photography is my way to do it.


Your happiness is just a click away when 'i Click'  ;))